Birthing the Christ, Part II

     Is it birthing the Christ at a deeper level and/or a rebirth of the Christ in the manger of our hearts? What is this Christ we talk about and how do we birth it or let it come to be and express?

     The Christ, according to Unity’s ‘The Revealing Word’, is: “The perfect word, our idea of God, that unfolds into the truth of who we are…. Whole and perfect children of God…Christ abides in each person as the Divine of us.”

In my words, the Christ of my being is the living, breathing,  life force within us. It is the very music of our soul. We receive strength and wisdom that blankets us with love like freshly fallen snow. It is always ready to birth and express. It doesn’t have to wait until Christmas to happen, just as we don’t wait until thanksgiving to be grateful for the blessings in our life. When we give thanks every day it only increases the blessings in our life. We let the Christ express from within us as us everyday, in as many moments as possible. Christmas and Thanksgiving commemorate what we do all year-long.

Now, how do we express the Christ, from the manger of our hearts, let it express in our life? In part one of this blog, Charles Fillmore talked about how a man that he knew saw Christ in his heart every day. Many of us know about the power of visualizing what we want to have or experience in our lives. It has been in existence as long as there has been human life on earth. So then,  this presence of love has existed in us, in our very soul! It is singing us and expressing as us when we let it!

Ah, how do we let it? As I shared in part one, one example  is the man in the story. Our life is directed and changed by our consciousness which is made up of our thoughts. The life of anything begins in consciousness and we can birth whatever we want.

A month ago, I woke up with this thought. “I hear the song that I sing. What I sing is what I am.” What song are you hearing and singing and therefore have become?

We let the Christ birth or express by having a prayer practice that is every day.  We set an intention like the man in Charles’ story. What prayer or desire is wanting to be expressed?

A prayer practice means some form of meditation. Some people meditate on walks in nature. You don’t need a book to learn how to meditate. It is simply starting with 5 to 10 minutes a day and then expanding to 15 as a minimum. You can sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor and sitting upright. For me it is helpful to have Unity’s Daily Word or go to  or an inspirational prayer to jump off of with my thoughts and focus them.

I like to put instrumental music on that will help remove incongruent or distracting sounds and help me go deep within my being. I focus on my breath, breathing from my diaphragm and let it center me.  When you wait a couple extra seconds before letting it out, that can be effective. I then still my thoughts using one word and listen in the silence of my being for words or an image or a feeling. You don’t always get something during this time. It doesn’t mean you didn’t do it right.

I meditate as one of the first things after breakfast. I have so many thoughts going on that if I didn’t take time to still them, I wouldn’t have the clarity that I need to function. Some people practice yoga which is praying with your body. You are aligning your thoughts with your Christ Mind and aligning your body as well. This is how you birth or rebirth the Christ by having a prayer practice.

Let’s say you begin a practice of meditating or you already meditate every day. How do you know when you’ve birthed the Christ and are letting it express?  Thoughts create our consciousness and consciousness creates our life experience with the intentions we have set.

Here is some of what the song you are singing might create:

  1. less to no struggle becomes being in the flow, more synchronicity
  2. less stress and worry becomes calm and clearer decision-making
  3. people and situations are less irritating to none and become a loving interaction from your approach
  4. amazingly you have more than enough energy and time to accomplish things because you began your day with meditation

Guess what? Birthing the Christ births your life! From the relationship that you develop with God just like Jesus did, he birthed the Christ in him as well! Does this happen in an order? No, at the same time.

There is something wanting to birth in you- a new job, a book, a new friendship… Take birthing the Christ to a new level in you this Christmas season. I invite you this year, to let Christ begin to come into your consciousness in a new way, open and receptive to hear the new song you are meant to sing!



One thought on “Birthing the Christ, Part II”

  1. Dear Airin,
    What a beautiful photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains! Remember when we were kids and Mom and Dad took us to Georgia in April, and on the way back we camped overnight in these beautiful mountains. I believe I recall an unexpected light snow had fallen.

    Who would have imagined that you would be able to partake of this beauty every day now. Imagine the inspirations and memories one picture inspires.

    Letting the Christ be birthed each day is the key. The word letting is paramount. Too often we get caught up in our daily routine and forget to tune in to Christ in God and self, and life takes much more effort to run the daily course. Meditation does center us and we must remember to make time for it each day. Thank you for inspiring with these beautiful blogs.

    Love you,

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