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Synchronicity or Coincidence

Synchronicity or coincidence and do they both exist in a metaphysician’s world? If you consider yourself a Unity Truth student or a student of spiritual truths, then you are a metaphysician. Unity has five principles ( ) that gives one opportunities to practice metaphysics in their daily life.

““Synchronicity” is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe a meaningful coincidence – the occurrence of two events related in some way without any demonstrable causality. It can be that one of the events is an “inner” event in the mind of an individual, such as a dream, that later is played out in the “outer,” physical world. An example might be when the object of the dream, a long-lost friend, unexpectedly comes for a visit. In another instance, the synchronistic events may be two “outer” events such as when two intellectual pioneers begin to teach the same subject at roughly the same time without knowing of the work of the other.” Russell D. Highland, Jr, 2007,“Inner Vision and Synchronicity: Dream Work as taught by Charles Fillmore and Carl Jung”, Truth Unity website

I like how Russell relates the two words. Coincidently or it happened at the same time.  Carl Jung and Charles Fillmore were both doing dreamwork at the same time and didn’t know of each other’s existence. As Russell writes in his 2007 thesis on the two of them, there were many synchronicities between them.

Before I discovered Unity at 27, I loved reading philosophy. I believed that there were coincidences. Awareness of them is a good way to start noticing and “not brush them off” as Rev Pat Bessey mentioned in her 10/23/22 Sunday lesson. There are random events, and these can get ignored, when in fact they may be specifically designed by Spirit or God or higher self (whatever your term is for higher power) to get your attention.

I had started noticing them before and after I came to Unity, a thought was proposed to me that there are no coincidences. So, I started reflecting on that from time to time. Metaphysically, always looking beyond the appearance or what is going on in each situation, more than we know is occurring. What could they really be? Synchronicities. If we apply metaphysics, looking beyond the meaning of coincidence, that is what we get.

One doesn’t have to always know or understand why synchronicities occur. It can sometimes seem like a miracle, too. In the past, Rev Pat has spoken of synchronicities being everyday miracles. Divine timing or divine order is also referenced when inconceivable alignments occur.

Your choice, what feels right for you, is it a synchronicity or a coincidence or both?

Keep a little notebook with you for when you notice a coincidence and you may find it to be deeper and qualify as a synchronicity. Using the ‘what you focus on you get more of’ idea. I think it’s fun to discover them.

Rev Airin


Dismantling Boxes in Our Lives

This week in the Sunday lesson Rev Pat asked us to look at what box we were ready to dismantle or release. I think of these as mental thought constructs. I remember once, having a whole lineup of what needed to happen in my life and in a particular order before I could allow the purchase of a particular thing. I didn’t realize it at the time until I became ‘aware’. One of the words Rev Pat said was key to dismantling our box. I did such a good job dismantling and releasing it that I can’t remember the particulars. I very much recall what I had created that was limiting my good. I do remember that a couple of the things were getting the right job and having enough money… then…could happen.

Our head or intellect is where the ego resides. Our hearts are where we tend to place the feeling nature part of us. Most males are seen as coming from the intellect and being logically oriented and females tend to naturally lead from their hearts with their feeling natures and become emotional more easily. The ideal is to have a balance between the head and the heart.

From the Revealing Word, the metaphysical meaning of mental is:” The mind assimilates what it affirms. Mental atmosphere – Surrounding or prevailing mental influence”

Metaphysically, “ego, Spiritual—The true self; an individual center in God consciousness; I AM; conscious identity.

                        Ego, adverse—When the ego attaches itself to sense consciousness, it builds the antichrist man, who has no basis in reality.

                       Fear–…a paralyzer of mental action; it weakens both mind and body”

The acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

The ego likes to keep us safe and be in charge. However, when we have an awareness of what we are giving the power to in any given situation, for example, if it is fear caused from a lack of financial means. Once this is realized, we can dismantle that thought construct and affirm that “there is only one power and presence, God.” Knowing that the mind assimilates what it affirms, we can free ourselves of the thought or box that was restricting us.

Are you looking to manifest a new relationship or house or job? What might the thought constructs or boxes you have unconsciously placed that are blocking your good from you?

Remember to be gentle with yourself in your discovery like you would be with a child,

Rev Airin

A Heart filled with Gratitude

We give thanks for the unearned grace of God that flows like an infinite fountain immersing our lives. It keeps the flame of hope within us burning 24/7. The infinite blessings that are bestowed upon us when all we need do is have that awareness. This wealth is beyond comparison, stretching through the universe. Remembering it is ours, say yes to accept, we come as a child to the kingdom here and now in gratitude. Amen.

Lifts Along the Way

Tonight when I went to pick up Chinese food a sweet moment happened. As I walked up to the counter and gave the woman my last name, a young man turned around and said,”I thought I recognized that voice.” I looked up and smiled at him while thinking that he must have had me as a substitute teacher. He was busy working on the food orders. I paid for my food and before I picked it up my bag to leave he said, “I have to say… you were the best sub I ever had.” I smiled and thanked him. I walked out the door a little lighter and feeling happy.

Dark Night Rises Screening

As the human world is reacting to the shootings at the batman movie screening in Colorado, let’s come from a higher perspective. We can call in the Universe which is more powerful than the gunman, Right in this moment we can go within to prayer and immerse the beloveds with courage, love, strength and know with them a Divine order.
We envision God expressing as and through the medical personnel, families, clergy, and everyone involved.
Remember that what we think and feel resonates in our body first. We can be the most powerful and effective with our energy by sending out healing vibrations  in all forms to this community.

We give thanks in advance for this amazing universe that responds to our requests. Amen

Whenever we hear about the movie screening or think of it we send out a prayer and it will keep rippling out the energy that is needed!

Please feel free to add your prayers and positive energy in your comments.

Dreams with Messages

Two weeks ago I had a dream. I woke up after having it in the early morning, therefore it is considered a waking dream. Charles Filmore, Unity’s ( cofounder believed in the messages of waking dreams. Theoretically, your first dreams when you go to sleep are those that help you work out and let go of events from that  day.

In the dream, I was the tractor that was pulling the trailer of a semi truck. I was  driving in the wrong direction, however. All the traffic had stopped on the highway and was waiting for me to turn around. They were patient. I saw a person in a night shirt that represented each car. Once I got turned around, I was then pulling the truck up  a flight of stairs and then I awoke.

     It was a pretty vivid message just like the  picture that I selected above. My initial feeling and thought was that I’m trying overcome the current challenges mostly by myself, once again. The cars on the highway, which represent those on the path of life with you, were supporting me as I turned my life around. The trailer obviously was the weight and baggage of my current challenge. The next part of the dream when I was pulling it up the stairs, I was making life more of a struggle than it needs to be. Stairs represent “one’s ascent or descent in relation to one’s life preogression or advancement.”1 I had gotten caught up on the gerbil wheel going around and around and forgetting to trust and have faith in God.

Many people have and continue to be there to support me with their unconditional love,  patience and abundance. They have employed me, written me letters of reference and most of all just listened and accepted me for who I am with the gifts and talents that I have come to earth to give. Having compassion for oneself is not easy. Today as I get over yet another cold from the stress I created, I am choosing to have compassion for myself. I know I am doing the best that I can.

Dreams have messages that are simple yet profound. It is Spirit’s way of getting your attention. As you interpret them, the key is how they felt to you and what resonates with in you. It’s helpful to keep a journal that you write them in. I incorporate them into the regular journal that I write in when I have something I want to remember.

Remember to have compassion with yourself  in whatever is happening in your life. When you surrender and let Spirit give you the next step, It knows the how, things will shift for the better in your life. Relax and have faith. Amen

1.  p.518, Mary Summer Rain on Dreams by Mary Summer Rain and Alex Greystone