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Raising the Veil

Long Lake, Naples, ME

Letting go of the
political agendas
Seeing through the
fear based promises
choosing a life of peace
opened by Love’s gate
moving at the pace of God
Listening in the grace
of the All is well
Dissolving the veil


The Unfolding

Rock Cairns on Marginal WayHere is one of my poems from my book.
I chose this because it is one of my favorites and others like it as well.

Ocean portals
Washing into time
flowing as the infinite
Its waves caress my soul
Seagull watchmen passing
through my life
Pictures in the sand
Healing off the layers
as each wave breaks
Fountains of spray
Lift off in flight


A Valentine’s Hope

Embed from Getty Images

Hearing the Pulse
launched from within
thoughts that were grim
dissolved once again

Despite stark conditions
the World’s steady vigil
as wholly committed
to a Valentine’s hope

Rev Airin



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