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The Unfolding

Rock Cairns on Marginal WayHere is one of my poems from my book.
I chose this because it is one of my favorites and others like it as well.

Ocean portals
Washing into time
flowing as the infinite
Its waves caress my soul
Seagull watchmen passing
through my life
Pictures in the sand
Healing off the layers
as each wave breaks
Fountains of spray
Lift off in flight



Birthing the Christ, Part I

     This blog has finally birthed. How perfect  to begin with the birth of Jesus which in Unity means birthing the Christ at a deeper level within us. The picture that is before you is one that I took of the view from the Blue Ridge mountains. It is only a small representation of the beauty of this Shenandoah Valley where I have the privilege of living. Likewise,  it shows some of that same Christ presence that is within us.  

      In Unity we translate the Bible and life, metaphysically. We look at the meaning beyond the words or situation that is going on before us. This gives us a practical application to use in living a spiritual life.  Always keep one thing in mind, however, as you have heard it said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. There isn’t always a meaning to absolutely everything in that one can get stuck in over analyzing.  You just look at what jumps out at you in the present moment and what it might be teaching you. We look at symbols and metaphors for clues and trust the feelings that we experience.

     Unity’s cofounder and mentor to myself, Charles Fillmore, talked about birthing the Christ in his Christmas sermon on Sunday, December 22, 1912.                                                                                                                                                                                 

“The essential thing is to know and understand that the real child of God is formed in your soul. It exists there and is now being manifest. Make yourself a present of that thought; and make it an everyday thought. Let Christmas be every day. Enter into the Christ Mind and see Christ in you.

I know a man who has grown wonderfully in spiritual understanding and spiritual power, and he told me once that he made it a daily practice to see Christ in his heart. He saw the Christ as a picture, as a life, and he said he talked mentally to that Christ portrait at his heart’s center; and he said a light has gradually sprung up within me that lights my way. I am a changed man from mentally seeing Christ in me, instead of looking at the Christ outside, looking at a historical Christ, thinking about the man as separate from me. ‘I am the Christ of God’, is the dominant appellation of that man to himself, and he has demonstrated it. And he is only one of thousands who have brought that Christ principle home to everyday life, who are bringing forth in themselves the Christ of God, who are forming Christ in them.”

      Here is an example that a change in our life begins with our consciousness. We can birth whatever we want. As you probably know, the life that you are currently living was birthed from a level of your consciousness. We create our consciousness with our thoughts, one word at a time, one sentence at a time. Life is consciousness and relationships. The consciousness we show up in dictates the relationship we will have in that very moment with an idea, a person or a situation.

     Jesus said we are the light of the world and not to hide it under a bushel. When we shine our light, we are expressing the Christ from within our being. I invite you this week, to let Christ begin to come into your consciousness, open and receptive, coming as a child in your own unique way. Stay tuned for Part II.

You are welcome to leave a comment or question, or addition if you feel so inclined. Thanks in advance for your contributing consciousness to this one that has just birthed.