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GOP Convention

I felt called to share a prayer through this blog that would reach those that I have yet to meet and come to love as well as all that I hold dearly in my heart. As things heat up on the political scene, each of us can be a force for good, instead of getting caught up in the fear and anger statements fueling the drama. Whenever you find yourself wanting to take sides, go with in and seek the peace and divine order, put Spirit in charge and come from love and clarity to hold the high watch for the country.

My heartfelt prayer is for you to go with in and listen to Spirit’s guidance in regard to the affairs of the political situation of this country. As we first enfold ourselves with the peace and divine order for ourselves. Then enfold the politicians and the entire country with a blanket of love. That we may know the truth beyond the anger and rebuttals. That we come from love in all we think, say and do, that is the true prayer as we hold the high watch for ourselves and our beloveds on our prayer list. It is done. Amen

Thanks in advance to those who feel called to join me in this. Feel free to add your prayers in the discussion section.


Lifts Along the Way

Tonight when I went to pick up Chinese food a sweet moment happened. As I walked up to the counter and gave the woman my last name, a young man turned around and said,”I thought I recognized that voice.” I looked up and smiled at him while thinking that he must have had me as a substitute teacher. He was busy working on the food orders. I paid for my food and before I picked it up my bag to leave he said, “I have to say… you were the best sub I ever had.” I smiled and thanked him. I walked out the door a little lighter and feeling happy.