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GOP Convention

I felt called to share a prayer through this blog that would reach those that I have yet to meet and come to love as well as all that I hold dearly in my heart. As things heat up on the political scene, each of us can be a force for good, instead of getting caught up in the fear and anger statements fueling the drama. Whenever you find yourself wanting to take sides, go with in and seek the peace and divine order, put Spirit in charge and come from love and clarity to hold the high watch for the country.

My heartfelt prayer is for you to go with in and listen to Spirit’s guidance in regard to the affairs of the political situation of this country. As we first enfold ourselves with the peace and divine order for ourselves. Then enfold the politicians and the entire country with a blanket of love. That we may know the truth beyond the anger and rebuttals. That we come from love in all we think, say and do, that is the true prayer as we hold the high watch for ourselves and our beloveds on our prayer list. It is done. Amen

Thanks in advance to those who feel called to join me in this. Feel free to add your prayers in the discussion section.


Dreams with Messages

Two weeks ago I had a dream. I woke up after having it in the early morning, therefore it is considered a waking dream. Charles Filmore, Unity’s (unity.org) cofounder believed in the messages of waking dreams. Theoretically, your first dreams when you go to sleep are those that help you work out and let go of events from that  day.

In the dream, I was the tractor that was pulling the trailer of a semi truck. I was  driving in the wrong direction, however. All the traffic had stopped on the highway and was waiting for me to turn around. They were patient. I saw a person in a night shirt that represented each car. Once I got turned around, I was then pulling the truck up  a flight of stairs and then I awoke.

     It was a pretty vivid message just like the  picture that I selected above. My initial feeling and thought was that I’m trying overcome the current challenges mostly by myself, once again. The cars on the highway, which represent those on the path of life with you, were supporting me as I turned my life around. The trailer obviously was the weight and baggage of my current challenge. The next part of the dream when I was pulling it up the stairs, I was making life more of a struggle than it needs to be. Stairs represent “one’s ascent or descent in relation to one’s life preogression or advancement.”1 I had gotten caught up on the gerbil wheel going around and around and forgetting to trust and have faith in God.

Many people have and continue to be there to support me with their unconditional love,  patience and abundance. They have employed me, written me letters of reference and most of all just listened and accepted me for who I am with the gifts and talents that I have come to earth to give. Having compassion for oneself is not easy. Today as I get over yet another cold from the stress I created, I am choosing to have compassion for myself. I know I am doing the best that I can.

Dreams have messages that are simple yet profound. It is Spirit’s way of getting your attention. As you interpret them, the key is how they felt to you and what resonates with in you. It’s helpful to keep a journal that you write them in. I incorporate them into the regular journal that I write in when I have something I want to remember.

Remember to have compassion with yourself  in whatever is happening in your life. When you surrender and let Spirit give you the next step, It knows the how, things will shift for the better in your life. Relax and have faith. Amen

1.  p.518, Mary Summer Rain on Dreams by Mary Summer Rain and Alex Greystone