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We are Thoughts in God’s Mind

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happened.”  Kahlil Gibran

 How are we thoughts in God’s Mind? “The individual mind is a state of consciousness in the one Mind. Ed Rabel, Unity Teacher.  Our minds are filled with knowledge that comes from our thoughts resulting from our experiences and emotions, ideas acquired from living, reading, and listening to others. First and foremost, from time spent in meditation listening to our higher self or God.

Had you ever realized that one has excess to more information than the encyclopedia? Take a few minutes in the moment, by yourself and ask your question focusing on your existence in God’s mind where you are one with the One. Listen for the answer which may come in the form of your own voice, or as a feeling that comes into your mind or body confirming what you already may have surmised.

What if nothing happens? Garth Brooks in one of his songs says that: “God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”

Something always eventually happens in some form. It could be in a book or a song, or on a billboard as your driving or a thought that floats into your mind. You can ask that the answer be made known so you will know without a doubt, what is yours to do.

You may be wondering; how do you know if it’s yours to do or if the message was for you? One wouldn’t be given someone else’s message. You will know because it resonates deep within you. One might not agree with what they get or want to move in the direction they have been given. Or it might feel too risky taking you out of what is comfortable. The more you act on the guidance you get, the more you will receive.

Our life is the result of the thoughts we have been thinking, the outcome of accomplishing goals we have set. Choosing to take advantage of the God Mind in which we reside, gives us access to it all.

Staying aware of this fount of Wisdom is key.

Rev Airin


The Unfolding

Rock Cairns on Marginal WayHere is one of my poems from my book.
I chose this because it is one of my favorites and others like it as well.

Ocean portals
Washing into time
flowing as the infinite
Its waves caress my soul
Seagull watchmen passing
through my life
Pictures in the sand
Healing off the layers
as each wave breaks
Fountains of spray
Lift off in flight


Prescription for Courage

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it. Ezra 10:4

When you are facing something that seems difficult, turning it over to God and then letting go of it can give you great support. Acknowledging our human ego efforts and choosing to trust God to take over knowing that only good can come from the challenge. Sometimes the ego needs training wheels to keep it on track so using an affirmation of what you would like to be experiencing can help focus it. We give thanks in advance for an outcome of the highest and best without attachment to a specific result. Amen.
This is a prescription that I have created and use to the best of my ability.
Feel free to share what supports you through a challenge in the comments

Advent Prayers

Advent Wreath3

This Advent season I will be submitting prayers that I write that go with the theme of each week. I will be posting it again after I add the new prayer. Please fee free to add one of your own and it will be a rich sharing.

This week we light the candle of Hope.


We give thanks for the hope in each of us that is like an eternal flame that burns within. It is fueled by the ever flowing grace of God. Hope expands to a fire when it fuels our faith in things hoped for, known and unknown in the mystery of life. As messengers of hope, we go forth as angels into the world enfolding all the beloved of God in each that we encounter during our day. We give thanks in the name and in the loving nature of Jesus the Christ, our Way Shower. Amen.


This week we light the candle of Peace.

The peace of God within moves in and through our lives gently and sweetly. As we let go of stress we can feel the peace. We ask daily for wisdom and divine order in our life knowing it will restore peace and harmony which then births renewed health of mind and body. We give thanks in the name and in the loving nature of Jesus the Christ, our Way Shower. Amen.


This week we light the candle of Love.

In the light of the recent events at the elementary school, we surround and immerse them and our beloved in love. We send them strength and courage for this heroic journey they are now on. We give thanks in advance that they may feel the outpouring of compassion as they are enfolded by the loving wings of the universe. We know this in the name and in the loving nature of Jesus the Christ our Way Shower, Amen.


This week we light the candle of Joy.

We give thanks for the natural ability to express joy. Since it can’t be contained,  it wells up from within like a fountain and flows out into expression when we are feeling on top of the world. Often when we are doing an activity that we love, or with a loved one, or seeing a beautiful sunset it can be triggered. We give thanks for this innate expression of the Christ within, in the name and in the loving nature of Jesus the Christ our Way Shower, Amen.

GOP Convention

I felt called to share a prayer through this blog that would reach those that I have yet to meet and come to love as well as all that I hold dearly in my heart. As things heat up on the political scene, each of us can be a force for good, instead of getting caught up in the fear and anger statements fueling the drama. Whenever you find yourself wanting to take sides, go with in and seek the peace and divine order, put Spirit in charge and come from love and clarity to hold the high watch for the country.

My heartfelt prayer is for you to go with in and listen to Spirit’s guidance in regard to the affairs of the political situation of this country. As we first enfold ourselves with the peace and divine order for ourselves. Then enfold the politicians and the entire country with a blanket of love. That we may know the truth beyond the anger and rebuttals. That we come from love in all we think, say and do, that is the true prayer as we hold the high watch for ourselves and our beloveds on our prayer list. It is done. Amen

Thanks in advance to those who feel called to join me in this. Feel free to add your prayers in the discussion section.

A Simple Act of Forgiveness

Is this another one of ‘those’ forgiveness processes? I don’t think so. I will let you decide. Yes, there appear to be a gazillion of them and… that is because there are gazillions of us! Each of us gets to discover what works best. As one of my mentors said once, “As long as you have skin on, you have forgiveness work to do.

I was at a bowling alley recently and learned how to adjust the scoreboard if someone bowls an extra ball by mistake. You press the button that says ‘Remove Frame’ and then press the red one which resets the score board. Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, defines forgiveness as giving up something.” When you forgive yourself, you cease doing the things you should not do….It is through forgiveness that true spiritual healing is accomplished.” We give up old thoughts of error and refresh our minds with words of Truth which is all that is good and the highest and best out come for all concerned. Thus resetting the scoreboard.

Remember that we are not condoning our behavior or that of another. The behavior that occurred is not who we truly are: We are whole and perfect children of God, worthy and deserving of our good. Sometimes we put a frame around our errors and mistakes, even creating a gold frame which creates guilt from being hard on ourselves.

In the Unity teachings we use the phrase, ‘release and let go’, often. Now, let’s apply the metaphysics of adjusting the scoreboard in bowling. This is as simple as sending a text. When you want to forgive yourself or another, press the ‘Remove Frame’ button to let go of the framed picture you have created. Press the red button which we can see in the shape of a heart. Infuse the situation with love and the highest and best outcome for all. Check in with your breathing, counting in 3 seconds and out from your diaphragm.

The wings represent the freedom we can experience when we release the weight of a situation from our lives. Is there a scoreboard with God? Of course, not! Our egos are what keep score. We begin the bowling game of life anew with a clean slate anytime we choose to ‘release the frame’ and press the red love button!

The forgiveness definition was excerpted from Unity’s ‘The Revealing Word’ metaphysical definitions.

A Magic Wand

For those of us who love Harry Potter and fairy tales, our wishes can come true! Recently, while teaching Unity’s ‘Life of Prayer class’, we were having a discussion regarding when we are praying about a desire. We can put our request out there to the universe and then act and know as though it has already happened. It is a technique that puts feet to our prayers. A key element to remember is that God knows the details. We show up, do our best, and God does the rest. All the while being open and receptive to the desire or something even better!

I took us deeper with a question posed by an instructor  when I was a  ministerial student at Unity Institute (formerly Unity School of Practical Christianity) which was: Do we pray to the presence of God or from the presence of God within? Some of the class thought for a second while others who had been Unity truth students for a while answered, from the presence of God within.

I have to remind myself at times of how much power we have access to with in us. God is never separated from us. We separate ourselves by a word or a thought all the time. This could be why Paul said to pray without ceasing. Even in what appears to be a simpler time to live, Paul’s life could be just a complicated as ours. Most of us know that it all begins with our thoughts and what we are giving the power to or resisting in any moment.

At this point I realized that ‘the wand is within’! I said it out loud. For the child in all of us that believes in the magic and power of a genie lamp or the seeming miraculous, we have that power within us.

We let the exterior world have the power over us. We forget that the power with in us, God, is greater than any challenge in the outer.

Next time, remember, the wand is within!