Conspiracy Theory or Truth?

Since I became a student of the Unity teachings 36 years ago, over half of my life, I have learned about the power that lies in the words that I use. As I may have mentioned before, I began to change my life one word at a time, one sentence at a time, to a new thought. This slowly transformed my life. We can only change ourselves, no one else. However, one can be an example inspiring another by living their truth that works for them.

The word Truth means a fact that has been proven with data. A theory is a group of ideas that logically explain an independent idea and isn’t proven. For example, the idea that Trump won the presidency couldn’t be proven. There was no empirical data to support it. This brings us to the word conspiracy. This means that a group of powerful people agree to work together in secret and create a plan or event that will cause an end to something. This will only benefit the conspirators and not us.

How I tell Truth over conspiracy theory is the way it feels in my gut and heart. Trust and honesty play a big role of course. If the Truth of someone else that is shared with me, causes me to feel fear (false evidence appearing real) then I need to stop giving those words power in my mind and life. In essence, a conspiracy theory does not have a happy outcome. So why would I want to buy the book about a shadowland and fill my head with ideas that lead to a crummy ending?

Truth tends to be for the highest and best for all concerned. It is above board and feels good. Sure, not all facts make one feel good, but they are proven reality and don’t feel icky. To be clear, I am not creating a duality of Truth vs Conspiracy Theory. They just happen to be opposites which is the definition of duality of course.

Moving to Metaphysics, Truth means The Absolute, or God, the information we receive directly from Source. It is unconditional and unlimited information with infinite access. It is pure and it has been proven when one acts upon what they receive and has results in real time that are for the highest and best for all concerned.

Why show the contrast between Truth and conspiracy? I felt it was important to discuss it because there is so much about conspiracy theories in the news. A while back in my life, I weighed the value of my time and decided that I would be more conscious of what I spent it on. There is so much out there that can consume my time and I can unconsciously fill it or waste it. I haven’t done it perfectly yet.

Leading with and from Love, responding with Love, and seeing it unfold in love. Instead of a crummy icky ending, life moves forward enfolded in Love and continues on a higher plane of existence.

What are your thoughts on this?

Rev Airin


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