Spiritual Tools for Lent

Unity has what I call spiritual tools that are ‘hands on’ or kinesthetic that are easy to use. Our cofounders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore used them. Two of them are using denials and affirmations.  Both are forms of prayer. Hypatia Hasbrouck, a Unity Minister and a former Dean of the Unity ministerial education program, wrote a book on forms of prayer called Handbook of Positive Prayer. In it are tools for cleaning your conscience and visualizing with it. There are copies in the bookstore and online of course.

The word conscience is a noun that cues you on what is right, wrong, or a shade of gray sometimes. Consciousness is also a noun that is a state of awareness. “The true temple in the “body” of Christ is a state of consciousness. In the inmost center of every man the indwelling Christ resides.” Charles Fillmore, pg. 11 from Keep a True Lent. The awareness of Christ with in, therefore is how one has the Christ consciousness and being one with the Christ.In reading any of his books, it is rare not to find consciousness on every page. Spiritual consciousness was all important to him. Again, being at one with the Holy Spirit.

Naturally there is more to having a Christ or Spiritual consciousness than just being ‘aware’ of that fact or believing it to be true. Using tools to cleanse one’s consciousness of things no longer serving us is one way and then moving into meditation for time in the presence with and as the Christ communing and listening. In Hypatia’s book, she teaches how to use the denials and affirmations to do it. Our consciousness includes the subconscious which has been like a sponge absorbing every experience, idea and residual feelings and emotions and storing it in the mind. Depending how long we have been alive, there can be a lot in there. When there is a lot going through your mind in a particular moment, it can be difficult to “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10.

So, when one is cleansing the consciousness of the mind, it is the subconscious that is being cleaned which creates a faster and faster connection when you are in meditation and prayer. The subconscious mind also contains the intuitive faculty, which is the direct connection with other human minds (race mind) and the superconscious phase of mind (the mind of God in us).

A denial is a statement that withdraws the hold or power that a belief or habit has on you that you would like to eliminate. You only say it once because you don’t want to keep declaring it over and over. An affirmation is a statement of what you would like to be experiencing instead which replaces that belief or habit. You want to repeat this statement several times because you are establishing a new habit or belief. For example, years ago, I realized that I was afraid of driving in the bad weather. Denial: I am no longer afraid of driving in bad weather. Affirmation: I drive safely with God as my pilot. I didn’t include any words in the affirmation that I didn’t want to keep experiencing like, afraid. Feel how you would feel as though it were already taking place in your life. There is a lot more to this, but I gave you the cliff notes version to get you started if you are interested.

In the name and through the power of Jesus Christ, It is Done!

Have fun with the tools, too.

Rev Airin


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