Life After Life After….

I haven’t had a near death experience, have you? Joe Geraci has and I learned about it during his Ted Talk. One of the things he said was there were no words in our vocabulary that could describe it adequately. He did say he felt love and he was the love, the brightness, and the peace.  Below is a poem he wrote about it, over 30 years later. He wrote some others, too, about his view of life on earth.

Fleeting Voyage

From up here the stars pass like street lights

as I sit back and stare into ancient history

I’ve never been this far away from home

the thought comes just as easily as it goes

She takes my hand and my thoughts cascade into a blur

I can feel the hum of the universe

to a land of dreams

She says she’ll take me far away from everything

just as I wake

Copyright © Joe Geraci | Year Posted 2012

As a chaplain at the hospital, I will sometimes get asked about it. Honestly, none of us know what it is really like unless we have had a near death experience or we have been with someone or read or heard about what others have said. And then we need to consider that it is interpreted through their own filters. The one thing that I inherently believe is that it is peaceful.

Einstein is known to have said it was beautiful. Steve Jobs said, “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! His sister said that he was a romantic and had a capacity for wonderment. Italian artist, Raphael’s last word uttered was, “happy.” When John Wayne died, he turned toward his wife Marie and said, “Of course I know who you are. You are my girl, I love you.” Bo Diddley as he listened to a song called, “Walk around heaven,” he said. “Wow.”1

Some people say that the experience after death is what one believes it will be. I was told by an intuitive that he had a visit from a friend after she died. She said that the after life was everything that they had talked about.

Unity teachings are spiritual and metaphysical and say that the physical body dies but that isn’t the end of ourselves. Everything is energy, our soul lives on and we transition to another form for a bit. Death is a new beginning. Charles Fillmore, our cofounder, taught that we are reincarnated, when we come back in a physical body we have another chance to do things better.

I am planning on an “Oh wow” experience. How about you?

Rev Airin


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