How Do We Pray? Part I

“The tendency toward prayer is indigenous to every person. The human creature is a praying animal.” For example, “an African throwing a stone on the votive pile…or an American farmer nailing a horseshoe over the barn door for good luck.”1
Unity teaches that everything we think, say and do is a prayer. It is what we are affirming or putting out there into the universe, consciously or unconsciously. When we become aware of our thoughts which become what we say and do, we gradually realize we can change our life. For me it was one word at a time to one sentence to one thought that took physical form in my life. Couple with that was the feeling or passion I had for the idea that created its existence in my life.
Unity Minister Eric Butterworth wrote that “your awareness has everything to do with what you are experiencing physically, financially, socially, and even environmentally.” By being conscious of the words I use in every moment of my day, I create my world. I invite you to be conscious everyday of the words you are using, even those of us that have been Unity Truth students for a long time.


1. Eric Butterworth, The Universe is Calling


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