Over Easy

This morning I was cooking eggs on my friend’s stove. Due to the sunlight coming in on the gas burner, I couldn’t see the flames under the pan. The markings were worn off on the dial so I could only hear that it was on. I did not know how high the flames were therefore how much power was cooking the eggs. I turned it down by moving the dial toward the lowest setting. Does anything here remind you of a power that we can’t see but can often hear when we listen? Yes, God, the one power and one presence in the universe and in our lives. The eggs got cooked over easy, exactly how I like them.

It was easy for me to trust the power of the gas because I had seen it work before. I’ve seen the power of God work before in my life, too. Why is it not as easy to trust in God? Life would be ‘over easy’ when we could trust in God knowing that all is well, looking beyond the appearances.

The gas burner has a lot of power when it is set on high. God has an infinite amount of power and its dial is always set on high. We are the ones that turn it down or forget it’s there because it’s invisible to us. When we realize there is evidence all around us of things that got cooked ‘over easy’ in our lives, then its easier to trust. When life is giving us curve balls, that is when it is the hardest to trust God. This is also when we need to trust more than ever that God’s power is greater than what we are experiencing.

Unity’s cofounder, Charles Fillmore, taught about the bible quote from Psalms 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God…”. He was among the first, before Eckhart Tolle, to teach about being in the present moment. The present moment is where everything happens. When we still our thoughts and listen we can sometimes hear,  feel or get an image. We may even experience the calm assurance and peace of God. We are tapping into the infinite power, keeping the dial set on hi for ultimate access and living ‘over easy’.


One thought on “Over Easy”

  1. Beautiful metaphor, and a lovely entry – thank you! I think that people really respond to this message of “The Present Moment” – in many ways I believe it is a more helpful way to communicate spiritual ideas than the more traditional “God” talk – people seem to find it much less threatening.

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