The Cosmic Opus

Our time together may have seemed like only one whole note in the cosmic opus. Yet, it is all about how we live, love, and dance during the opus when the note is played. I had the honor and privilege of sharing the music of my soul with you as you shared in return. Each song has merged with mine and I am forever changed at depth.

I was recently reminded that the music score has already been written. We get to choose the song for our soul that we resonate with, that is uniquely us. We look at how we can move forward using our best gifts of notes to serve the world. Bring forth the music that is in you and live it. The song I now sing has been greatly enriched by my time here. Each new measure that I write in the days and years to follow is forever connected with all of you.


3 thoughts on “The Cosmic Opus”

  1. Beautiful. Says it all. Singing in harmony with you on the next score of your journey. Hugs to you and Christine!
    love, Beth

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